About Us

The Alliance’s headquarters are ready to respond to your questions:

World History Center
Molly Warsh

Steering Committee:
Bob Bain, University of Michigan
Linda Black, Stephen F. Austin State University
Elaine Carey, St. John's University
Linda Cargile, Bancroft Middle School, Long Beach Unified School District
Ross Dunn, San Diego State University
Deborah Smith Johnston, Concordia International School Shanghai
Tim Keirn, Cal State Long Beach
Michael Lovorn, University of Pittsburgh
Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh
Anita Ravi, Independent Researcher
Molly Warsh, University of Pittsburgh (Chair, 2016-2017)

Current Programs of Professional Development

Teacher Network
The Alliance supports the development of a Teacher Network in world history. This network would enable teachers to share their experiences in teaching, and help them to develop a common language for discussing the advances and the problems that they encounter.

Research Network
The Alliance similarly supports the development of a Research Network, including educational researchers who study the teaching and learning of history, especially world history. To facilitate the growth of this network, the Alliance strongly supports the creation or repurposing of an academic journal in educational research, so that it will focus on research on the learning of students in history classes.