New to Teaching World History?
Welcome to the world of teaching and learning world history. The world history course, while it has long been on the books, is now beginning to benefit from the attention that will make it a central and exciting part of the secondary-school curriculum. The Alliance has formed to ensure that teachers have the background and the support to be effective and inspiring in presenting world history to their students.

Historical Thinking
Students should identify and build the skills of historical thinking, in order to make sense of world history. You can help students learn critical reading of texts and artifacts, a clear sense of geography, experience with the diversity of cultures, and identification of multiple perspectives. Especially for world history, you can help them learn to switch their focus among local and larger scales in interpreting past and present.

The ALWH Approach
The new world history curriculum emphasizes a view of human society overall, as it has developed over time and throughout the world. The Alliance emphasizes a comprehensive curriculum that conveys global change. It emphasizes programs of professional development that give full preparation to teachers and research to make sure that we understand how students can learn about the importance of the past and about a global framework.

Lesson Ideas & Materials
The Alliance provides a framework for the study of world history. But it will also point you toward valuable world-historical teaching tips and materials that are available. Included among these will be ideas on map exercises and examples of “world history in your back yard” – ways to use local sites as documents in world history.

Planning a Workshop
You can provide encouragement for the supervisors in your school system to expand programs of professional development in world history by keeping track of examples of PD programs in other districts. The Alliance website will provide information.

Share Your Ideas or Experiences